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SSO Treatment and Monitoring
Grease and Odor Control

Sanitary sewer overflows (SSO) are responsible for an estimated 1.2 billion gallons of raw sewage pollutants entering our rivers, lakes, and streams. We have found a solution to this environmental catastrophe, a hybrid biological approach used in the activated sludge waste treatment process. With monthly monitoring, and addition of all environmentally friendly biological bacteria treatments we are able to reduce SSO's by more than 90%. All microbial treatment products and equipment are manufactured in the USA in our state of the art facility in Lancaster, PA.

We offer a diverse selection of fat, oil, and grease (FOG) reducing products for FOG producing facilities and pumping stations. Our approach is to eliminate the source, organic pollution, instead of covering it up. Utilizing highly efficient biological systems, we are able to convert FOG, and fatty chain acids to carbon dioxide and water. This will eliminate odors, and FOG from moving further downstream to the local waste treatment plant, improving the community and the environment at costs lower then most alternatives.

FOG and BOD Surcharge Reduction

For nearly a decade MicroSpring has been manufacturing highly concentrated products for the municipal waste treatment sector. Our patented microbial technology heavily reduces FOG, BOD and TSS levels. This is done by continuously releasing catalytic gram positive and negative bacterium into the lift station or sewer line. These bacterium then colonize on particulates and surfaces and consume the FOG in the system. Our microbes are ultra efficient, and as they outcompete and exchange DNA with other microbes in the system, they will use less dissolved oxygen and lower the BOD.

Biochemical Specialty Manufacturing

Complex problems require complex solutions, which is why we offer specialty manufacturing of biological and chemical formulations. We will help your team develop the best biological or chemical solution to solve your unique problem. We will work closely with your team, troubleshoot the problem source, and develop a cost effective solution.


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Who We Are

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George Pearson
Co-Founder | President | Director of Sales
George has over 15 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry, with field experience solving problems for cities, municipalities, food processing plants, restaurants, and everything in between. Before partners George and Howie began MicroSpring, George worked for various service and manufacturing companies in the waste water industry. His past experience as a field technician in the microbial industry makes him a priceless resource for troubleshooting even the toughest problems. His years of experience has helped light the way for the creation of products and programs that produce the best results in the industry.
Howie Pearson
Co-Founder | Vice President | Senior Chemist
Howie leads our research and development team, and problem solves using his highly technical background. An avid environmentalist with a strong desire to improve the natural beauty of our small earth implements these ideals through scientific analysis and development in private industry. Howie has gained experience in chemistry, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering through rigorous training and experience in the United States Marine Corps, and post secondary academic studies. His approach is to follow the scientific method thoroughly, and maintain complete transparency in the problem solving processes.


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